FOODSECURE Crowdsourcing: How do you think our food system in Europe should look like in 2050?

One of the biggest challenges facing global society today is the widespread and growing presence of hunger and food insecurity. The EU-funded FOODSECURE project examines the complexities within this global food challenge, looking at different countries and regions, societal trends and changing attitudes towards food consumption and production, agricultural innovations (e.g. GM crops), trade, (EU) food aid, EU policies, food price volatility, global food value chains, etc. In doing so, FOODSECURE aims at improving the resilience of our world food system, by providing a means to mitigate risks and uncertainties caused by economic and climatic shocks, while providing for sustainable economic growth.

Over the course of the project, the FOODSECURE team has worked with experts on development aid and disaster relief, food industry, agriculture, climate change, trade, environmental policy, innovation, renewable energy and other fields, coming from business, civil society, research and public institutions. These experts provided the FOODSECURE team with their vision for food and nutrition security in Europe by 2050, and identified key action clusters to achieve this vision.

Would you like to know more about how the FOODSECURE experts envision our food system in Europe in 2050?

What do you think about their ideas, and how would you imagine an ideal food system to look like in 2050? Which actions do you think we should be taking to achieve it?

Through our FOODsecure crowdsourcing, you can tell us! We would love to get your views. The FOODSECURE team will compile and analyse your contributions as one of the final steps in the project!

You can access the survey using this link HERE. We are hoping to take no more than 10 minutes of your time.


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