“Policies that matter” – About the Final conference

Challenges facing decision-makers in the global food system

The current distress to food consumers and farmers related to El Nino illustrates that food and nutrition security concerns require continued and strengthened attention from decision-makers in the realms of policy and business. Nutrition security, inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth and social protection are also commonly seen as cornerstones for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals against a background of relatively tight food markets and variability in global food prices.

Indeed, there are concerns that food and nutrition security (FNS) might decrease in the future across the world. At the same time, macroeconomic stagnation and rising challenges with the double burden of malnutrition provide an incentive for many developing countries to strengthen the contribution of their farmers to national economic growth, poverty reduction and a stable and nutritious food supply.

Policy makers and opinion leaders, however, often lack sufficient information to gauge the likely effects of fundamental changes in global and domestic food markets on their country. An effective policy dialogue will benefit from an unbiased and rigorous assessment of the approaches for addressing food and nutrition security which include, for example, the right to food, international trade and sustainable agricultural intensification. The research project FOODSECURE has responded to this call for evidence and tools to design effective and sustainable strategies for assessing and improving global FNS, now and in the future. See www.foodsecure.eu for more information.

Conference objectives

The conference “Policies that matter” provides a policy & science forum on Europe’s role in eliminating global hunger and malnutrition. Reflecting the approach adopted throughout the project, in this final conference FOODSECURE researchers will engage with interested policy-makers and stakeholders during a one-day event to present, share and discuss their research results and findings as well as policy recommendations. They give an introduction to the project and the overall conceptual framework of the project for assessing and addressing FNS in an uncertain future and in anticipation of more volatile global agricultural markets.

The event is co-organised with the high-level event “FOOD 2030: Research & Innovation for Tomorrow’s Nutrition & Food Systems”, which will explore what is needed to transform and future-proof our food systems for future food and nutrition security. FOODSECURE’s policy & science forum will define and underline the global and international relations in EU’s research & innovation towards 2030. The forum’s outcomes will be presented to the plenary of the high-level event on 13 October.


Audience (estimated 150 participants):

The audience will bring together policy and decision makers on FNS in the European Commission, the EU and beyond, with those from civil society, private sector and academia that have a stake in a global strategy for FNS.