About the Addis conference

At the meeting in Addis we will summarize the research the FOODSECURE consortium has achieved so far. Foci will be: the conceptual frameworks explaining the relationships between food and nutrition security (FNS) and its determinants and drivers in short- and long-term; preparations for FNS modelling and scenario analysis ; and finally on stakeholder selection and their involvement in all stages of the FOODSECURE project.

In addition, the meeting will become a platform for us to revisit and possibly adjust the plans for the work ahead. During the meeting, the Scientific Coordinator and the Scientific Review Board members will be invited to comment on our research efforts and related outcomes and to give us directions for the future. The meeting will also offer the opportunity for Work Package leaders to organize their own gatherings with the research teams involved in their WPs. Finally, the coordination team will use this meeting to discuss with the consortium the obligations of FOODSECURE teams related to the first periodic report.

Last but not least, at the completion of our first 1.5 years of FOODSECURE we would like to put together a publication plan. We will be planning the contents and type of the publications at this conference. All consortium is invited to contribute your ideas to it.

On day 3, there will be a roundtable discussion with African and international stakeholders who will be speaking about the latest developments and problems related to food and nutrition security in their countries and continent. We look forward to this event with the expectation to learn about these developments and problems from first hand and best informed experts.

The meeting will comprise two days (October 7-8) of discussing consortium outcomes, and a third day that will be used for a roundtable discussion event with African and international stakeholders. Arrival of participants is planned on Sunday 6 October, departure on the late afternoon of Wednesday 9 October 2013.

A majority of the participants will be from the FOODSECURE consortium. The FOODSECURE Scientific Review Board, and possibly some other invited participants (speakers, discussants etc.) will be present as well. The role of external participants will be to inform the consortium about the latest developments beyond our project and to speak about the broader societal context of FOODSECURE research, such as the food and nutrition security situation in the developing countries (predominantly in Africa). This will help us to re-confirm or revise our plans for the years ahead.

The format of the conference will be highly interactive. Most sessions will be panel discussions, with short presentations of research results by consortium members, followed by discussants invited to speak predominantly about research beyond the first 1.5 years of FOODSECURE. A discussion from the audience will follow the presentations. Each panel will have its own chair, who will be in charge of running his/her session.

Three special events will be held:

  • Key note addresses by high calibre experts from out and inside of the FOODSECURE consortium (day 1)
  • An expert panel discussion on state of the art in FNS research and recommendations for the consortium’s work to come (day 1)
  • A round table seminar with African and international stakeholders on FNS in Africa (day 3).

Poster sessions will be arranged as part of the seminar for all those interested in details of FOODSECURE research.
For more detail, the agenda should be read together with the FOODSECURE deliverables list for 2013 and beyond (on the share point).

Addis Ababa campus of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
Bole Sub City
CMC Road, Guird Shola area
P.O. Box 5689
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: + 251 11 617 2000
Fax: + 251-11 646 1252/646 4645


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