Session I

Session 1. TORERO. Food Secure-South America

Session 1. MEIJL. Objectives of Meeting

Session 1. KOSURA. Strategies to Assess and Address Food and Nutrition

Session 1. HUANG. China FOODSECURE

Session 1. DEV India FNS

Session II

Session 2.1. Laborde. Short Term Long term drivers

Session 2.1. ZILBERMAN food secure comments

Session 2.2. Matthews. Comments

Session 2.2. PANGARIBOWO. Review of FNS Indicators

Session 2.2. PIETERS. Country Typology 2

Session 2.2. GERBER. Case study selection_27092013

Session 2.2. Review of FNS Indicators

Session 2.2. Case study selection

Session III

Session 3.2 Brazilian Agricultural Policy

Session 3.2. Salvatici – EU policies Session

Session 3.2. MAJOR PLAYERS

Session IV

Session 4. WP12 Navigator_20130929

Session 4. DMS_final (1)

Session V

Session 5.1. TORERO. FoodSecure-Volatility and effects

Session 5.1. KALKUHL. Volatility_FNS_final

Session 5.2. PP Presentation (IFPRI)

Session 5.2. Meijl.

Session 5.2. TOKGOZ. Long term scenarios

Session 5 2. vanMEIJL long term scenarios

Session 5.2. HUANG. Discussions_modeling and scenarios

Session VI

Session 6. Meijl. WP5 Scenarios

Session 6.1. Stakeholder Engagement_(Prospex)

Session 6.1. Stakeholder_uptake_HV

Session 6.1. WP5 Scenarios_HvM

Session 6.2. Climate_Envt_Policies_HV

Session 6.2. SALVATICI trade policies

Session 6.2. EATON. Economic growth population and value of land reserves

Session IX

Session 9. Project and Financial Reporting

Session 9. Achterbosch Gerber. Foodsecure_Dissemination


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